Yealink CP960 Conference Phone - Novate
CP960 Conference Phone
July 19, 2019
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UC Accessories

  1. Ultimate Compact Flexible Speakerphone with USB Bluetooth dongle
  2. Ultimate Compact Flexible Speakerphone
  3. Yealink CAM50 HD Camera for T58V and T58A
  4. Yealink CPN10 PSTN Box for CP860/CP920
  5. Yealink EXP20 LCD Expansion Module
  6. Yealink EXP40 LCD Expansion Module
  7. Yealink EXP50 Expansion Module for T5-series
  8. Yealink EHS36 Wireless Headset Adaptor
  9. Yealink EHS40 Wireless Headset USB Adaptor
  10. Yealink YHS33 Call Centre Headset
  11. Yealink UH33 – USB Headset
  12. Yealink BT41 Bluetooth USB Dongle
  13. USB Bluetooth dongle
  14. Yealink WIFI USB Dongle WF40
  15. Yealink WIFI USB Dongle WF50
  16. Yealink Power Supply Unit 5V 600mA for T19P/ T21P/ T23P/ T23G/ T40P/ T40G/ W56P/ W56H/ W60B (DECT Package)
  17. Yealink Power Supply Unit 5V 600mA for W56P/ W56H
  18. Yealink Power Supply Unit 5V 1200mA for T20P/ T22P/ T26P/ T27P/ T27G/ T28P/ T41P/ T42G/ T41S/ T42S/ T53/ T53W
  19. Yealink Power Supply Unit 5V 2000mA for T29G/ T32G/ T38G/ T46G/ T46S/ T48G/ T48S/ T58V/ T58A/ T56A/ T54S/T54W /T57W / T52S
  20. Yealink Power Supply Unit 48V 7000mA for VC800, VC500
  21. Yealink Power Supply Unit 12V 1000mA for CP920, VP59
  22. Yealink Power Supply Unit 12V 2000mA for T49G
  23. Yealink PoE Adapter – CP960 IP Conference Phone


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