Dell Servers

PowerEdge Tower Servers

For value and flexibility.

For businesses that require value, flexibility and a range of performance options.

PowerEdge Tower Servers(1-socket) - Novate

1-Socket (Supports 1 Processor)

A simple, entry level server ideal for businesses just migrating to server usage.

  • PowerEdge T30
  • PowerEdge T130
  • T330 One-Socket Server (Intel)
  • T140 One-Socket Server (Intel)
  • T340 One-Socket Server (Intel)
  • T40 One-Socket Mini Tower Server (Intel)
PowerEdge Tower Servers(2-socket) - Novate

2-Socket (Supports up to 2 Processors)

Offering more cache and speed, these servers offer options for more processors, expansion and virtualization.

  • T640 Two-Socket 5RU Server (Intel)
  • PowerEdge T430
  • PowerEdge T630
  • T440 Two-Socket 5RU Server (Intel)

PowerEdge Rack Servers

Innovative designs to Transform IT

Flexible designs to optimize your applications.

PowerEdge Rack Servers(1-Socket) - Novate

1-Socket (Supports 1 Processor)

One socket server portfolio providing balanced performance and storage capacity for future growth.

  • PowerEdge R230
  • PowerEdge R330
  • R240 1RU Server (Intel)
  • R6515 1RU Server (AMD)
  • R7515 2RU Server (AMD)
  • R340 1RU Server (Intel)
PowerEdge Rack Servers(2-Socket) - Novate

2-Socket (Supports up to 2 Processors)

Two socket server portfolio with a mix of features to maximize performance, scale to meet future demands and adapt to virtually any workload.

  • R740 2RU Server (Intel)
  • R740xd 2RU Server (Intel)
  • R640 1RU Server (Intel)
  • PowerEdge C4130
  • R440 1RU Server (Intel)
  • R540 2RU Server (Intel)
  • R730xd 2RU Server (Intel)
  • R7425 2RU Server (AMD)
  • PowerEdge R530
  • PowerEdge R630
  • PowerEdge R730 2RU Server (Intel)
  • R740xd2 2RU Server (Intel)
  • C6525 Two-Socket Server Node (AMD)
  • R6525 1RU Server (AMD)
  • XR2 1RU Industrial-Grade Server (Intel)
  • R7525 2RU Server (AMD)
PowerEdge Rack Servers(4-Socket) - Novate

4-Socket (Supports up to 4 Processors)

Four socket server portfolio with the highest performance and extensive scalability for your applications from in-database workloads and HPC to data analytics, AI and GPU database acceleration.

  • R840 2RU Server (Intel)
  • PowerEdge R830
  • PowerEdge R930

PowerVault JBOD Expansion

Add storage capacity to your servers

Seamlessly and directly expand your PowerEdge server capacity with PowerVault JBOD Expansion enclosure options.

PowerVault MD1200 - Novate

PowerVault MD1200

PowerVault MD1220 - Novate

PowerVault MD1220

Dell Storage MD1280 Dense Enclosure - Novate

Dell Storage MD1280 Dense Enclosure

PowerVault MD1400 and MD1420 - Novate

PowerVault MD1400 and MD1420

Data Protection Appliance & Solutions

Protect your data

Deploy reliable backup for large amounts of data and long-term archiving.

Tape Backup and Restore - Novate

Tape Backup and Restore

Reliable back-ups for continuous data protection in offsite storage and long-term archives.

  • Dell EMC ML3
  • PowerVault LTO Cartridges
  • PowerVault LTO Tape Drives
  • PowerVault TL1000
  • PowerVault TL2000
  • PowerVault TL4000
  • PowerVault ML6010
  • PowerVault ML6020
  • PowerVault ML6030
  • PowerVault 114X
Disk Backup and Restore - Novate

Disk Backup and Restore

Removable disk backup and continuous data protection.

  • PowerVault RD1000
  • PowerVault TL1000
  • RD1000 Disk Media

Small-Medium Business Network Attached Storage

Ready to deploy and easy to manage

Combining PowerEdge technology with Windows Storage Server 2016 for ready-to-deploy network-attached storage (NAS) appliances.

Dell Storage NS Family - Novate

Dell Storage NS Family

General-purpose Storage

Grow and transform your network

Easily expand your capacity with uncomplicated and versatile virtualized storage.

Dell EMC SC Series - Novate

Dell EMC SC Series

Efficiently meet both performance and capacity requirements with Dell™ Compellent™.

  • SC5020
  • SC7020
  • SC9000
  • SC All-Flash
  • SCv3000
Dell Storage MD Series - Novate

Dell Storage MD Series

Simplify and consolidate your data with cost-effective and scalable enterprise-class storage arrays.

  • PowerVault MD3 10Gb iSCSI Array Series
  • PowerVault MD3 SAS Series
  • PowerVault MD3 Fibre Channel Series
PowerVault ME Series - Novate

PowerVault ME Series

Affordable PowerVault ME4 Series storage purpose-built and optimized for SAN/DAS simplicity and accelerated performance.

  • PowerVault ME4 Series

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