Dell Servers

PowerEdge Tower Servers

For value and flexibility.

For businesses that require value, flexibility and a range of performance options.

1-Socket (Supports 1 Processor)

A simple, entry level server ideal for businesses just migrating to server usage.

  • PowerEdge T30
  • PowerEdge T130
  • T330 One-Socket Server (Intel)
  • T140 One-Socket Server (Intel)
  • T340 One-Socket Server (Intel)
  • T40 One-Socket Mini Tower Server (Intel)

2-Socket (Supports up to 2 Processors)

Offering more cache and speed, these servers offer options for more processors, expansion and virtualization.

  • T640 Two-Socket 5RU Server (Intel)
  • PowerEdge T430
  • PowerEdge T630
  • T440 Two-Socket 5RU Server (Intel)

PowerEdge Rack Servers

Innovative designs to Transform IT

Flexible designs to optimize your applications.

1-Socket (Supports 1 Processor)

One socket server portfolio providing balanced performance and storage capacity for future growth.

  • PowerEdge R230
  • PowerEdge R330
  • R240 1RU Server (Intel)
  • R6515 1RU Server (AMD)
  • R7515 2RU Server (AMD)
  • R340 1RU Server (Intel)

2-Socket (Supports up to 2 Processors)

Two socket server portfolio with a mix of features to maximize performance, scale to meet future demands and adapt to virtually any workload.

  • R740 2RU Server (Intel)
  • R740xd 2RU Server (Intel)
  • R640 1RU Server (Intel)
  • PowerEdge C4130
  • R440 1RU Server (Intel)
  • R540 2RU Server (Intel)
  • R730xd 2RU Server (Intel)
  • R7425 2RU Server (AMD)
  • PowerEdge R530
  • PowerEdge R630
  • PowerEdge R730 2RU Server (Intel)
  • R740xd2 2RU Server (Intel)
  • C6525 Two-Socket Server Node (AMD)
  • R6525 1RU Server (AMD)
  • XR2 1RU Industrial-Grade Server (Intel)
  • R7525 2RU Server (AMD)

4-Socket (Supports up to 4 Processors)

Four socket server portfolio with the highest performance and extensive scalability for your applications from in-database workloads and HPC to data analytics, AI and GPU database acceleration.

  • R840 2RU Server (Intel)
  • PowerEdge R830
  • PowerEdge R930

PowerVault JBOD Expansion

Add storage capacity to your servers

Seamlessly and directly expand your PowerEdge server capacity with PowerVault JBOD Expansion enclosure options.

PowerVault MD1200

PowerVault MD1220

Dell Storage MD1280 Dense Enclosure

PowerVault MD1400 and MD1420

Data Protection Appliance & Solutions

Protect your data

Deploy reliable backup for large amounts of data and long-term archiving.

Tape Backup and Restore

Reliable back-ups for continuous data protection in offsite storage and long-term archives.

  • Dell EMC ML3
  • PowerVault LTO Cartridges
  • PowerVault LTO Tape Drives
  • PowerVault TL1000
  • PowerVault TL2000
  • PowerVault TL4000
  • PowerVault ML6010
  • PowerVault ML6020
  • PowerVault ML6030
  • PowerVault 114X

Disk Backup and Restore

Removable disk backup and continuous data protection.

  • PowerVault RD1000
  • PowerVault TL1000
  • RD1000 Disk Media

Small-Medium Business Network Attached Storage

Ready to deploy and easy to manage

Combining PowerEdge technology with Windows Storage Server 2016 for ready-to-deploy network-attached storage (NAS) appliances.

Dell Storage NS Family

General-purpose Storage

Grow and transform your network

Easily expand your capacity with uncomplicated and versatile virtualized storage.

Dell EMC SC Series

Efficiently meet both performance and capacity requirements with Dell™ Compellent™.

  • SC5020
  • SC7020
  • SC9000
  • SC All-Flash
  • SCv3000

Dell Storage MD Series

Simplify and consolidate your data with cost-effective and scalable enterprise-class storage arrays.

  • PowerVault MD3 10Gb iSCSI Array Series
  • PowerVault MD3 SAS Series
  • PowerVault MD3 Fibre Channel Series

PowerVault ME Series

Affordable PowerVault ME4 Series storage purpose-built and optimized for SAN/DAS simplicity and accelerated performance.

  • PowerVault ME4 Series

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