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SplendidCRM is a commercial open-source Customer Relationship Application that targets companies with an investment in Microsoft-based servers. CRMs are experiencing growth because they are no longer just sales and lead-generation tools; they are, in fact, taking on a new role as a back-office platform. The CRM is becoming the unified application that tracks all interactions for all current and future customers. By providing the source code for our technology and by delivering this techology on the popular Microsoft technology stack, we believe that we can attract a small but healthy percentage of the market that wants tight integration and requires Microsoft compatibility.

What’s New



ASP.NET SignalR is a library that allows real-time bi-directional communications between web browser and web server.

3CX® Integration

3CX can now be intergrade with Splendid CRM with feature of Click to Call , Call pop up , Call Journals and others more feature.

Enhanced Twitter® Integration

Tweets can now be sent directly from the CRM and they can be imported and archived in the CRM.


Deleted records can be searched and undeleted in the admin panel.

HTML5 Calendar

New calendar clearly displays events across many hours.

Recurring Calls and Meetings

Events can be set to recurring daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.


Popup reminders and email reminders are now supported for calls and meetings.

Twitter® Tracking

Multiple tracks can be defined so that user can keep track of the happenings in social media. Tweets can be monitored in real-time on the user’s home page.

Asterisk® Integration

The CRM can now monitor Asterisk PBX call events and log both incoming and outgoing calls. Users can receive real-time notifications when an incoming call arrives or when a call is missed.

PayTrace® Integration

PayTrace is a payment processing gateway that allows merchants to process Level II and Level III transactions at a lower transaction rate.


The new survey module will allow you to create surveys with radio buttons, checkboxes, dropdown menus, text boxes, rating scales, matrixes and demographic questions.

New Reports

Forty-two standard reports have been added.

Google ® Apps Synchronization

Enabling Google Apps Synchronization makes it easy to ensure that all your users have the latest contact and appointment information at their fingertips.