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A few words about us

Novate Solutions Sdn Bhd is an IT Solutions & Services Provider with its core businesses in IT management outsourcing, distribution of enterprise class products and systems integration. Our mission is to provide professional IT Outsourcing and Enterprise Class Solutions that delivers solid business results for organizations locally and globally.

Our offices are strategically located in 2 major metropolitan centres in Klang Valley, giving you unparalleled access to the best expertise.

Our vision is to become an organisation offering unparalleled professional IT services with a global presence in the IT industry.

Couple all of that with our strong partnership with important industry players like Farstone, avast!, Spectra, HP, Microsoft and Sonicwall, Novate Solutions is well placed to design, implement and ensure continuity for your business.

IT Solutions That Drive Business Results.

Why Us

Your business is important and so is our passion towards technology. At Novate Solutions, we are committed to delivering superior IT solutions for our clients through our passion and industry know-how. We aim to provide customised solutions for our clients as we understand that every business model is unique with differing IT requirements. At Novate Solutions, we are prepared to align with your strategic direction to foster success through our knowledge and applied expertise.

It is with our dedication towards your business and our knowledge that have gained us competitive edge, winning trust and confidence among our clients.

Novate Solutions works with big organisations that want to be bigger and better as well as smaller ones who want to ‘punch above their weight’.

Our clients include multi-national organisations to small and medium enterprises.

For us, it is not the size of our client's business, it is about their ambition and their willingness to work with us as a genuine partner learning together and sharing ideas with an enthusiasm and commitment to making their businesses grow and their marketing budget work harder.